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Engineering and Science Resources

These are some useful resources I've come across while surfing the web.

eFunda - Engineering Fundamentals

I was looking for information on fracture toughness and criteria and found a good article here. The articles are in-depth and assume a background in engineering but are short and applied without much lengthy theory. They sell a membership which appears to offer a lot of good features for a reasonable price for practicing engineers and engineering students.

MIT Open Courseware (OCW)

Materials for many MIT courses. It looks like all have outlines and a syllabus, some lecture notes are available in pdf. It's not really like taking a course online, it looks more like guides for self-study using the text they chose and some of the notes they provided.

Culturally Situated Design Tools

From Pyramids to Graffiti there are plenty of cultural topics that can be used to convey mathematical principles, especially ones that are geometric in nature. The target appears to be middle school level. I found this in an alumni publication from RPI.

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