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Disclaimer - I did not write any of the humor in this archive, all of it came via email over the last 20+ years. I post it here for you amusement. Some may be political, some you may not find very funny. Don't blame me! And if it is political do not assume I agree or disagree with the viewpoint. I just thought it was amusing.

Humorous Signs

Huh ?

Entrance, Do Not Enter Keep Right, Points Left Wet Road after Rain
Bike Arrow into Posts Road Signs Not Open because it's Closed

Middle of Nowhere

Phone in 174 km Absolutely Nothing Watch for Ice, Polar Bear

Places to Eat

Diesel Fried Chicken FuKing Chinese Food Hiring All Shits

Should Have Been Censored !

Climax Dick Cleaners Fucking, Not so Fast
Best Hand Job No Humping School Tarts
Cock Polishing Fucker Express Pussy Cleaners

When the wrong people find nukes Hell will freeze over
while the cops are eating donuts

Secret Bunker Sign Hell Frozen Over Cops at Donut Shop

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