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Disclaimer - I did not write any of the humor in this archive, all of it came via email over the last 20+ years. I post it here for you amusement. Some may be political, some you may not find very funny. Don't blame me! And if it is political do not assume I agree or disagree with the viewpoint. I just thought it was amusing.

G.W. Bush Humor

2018 - This page has gotten a lot smaller as many humurous links have gone stale over time. Here is what is left of them, or been archived here:

How many members of the Bush Administration does it take to change a light bulb?

Go to Google, type in the following, and click the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button:
Update - Google seems to have lost its sense of humor and these no longer work.

"weapons of mass destruction" - used to go to a spoof page
"miserable failure" - showed the White House page for Bush at top of list

The Dishonest Dubya Action Figure

Complete with four different action suits and options to lie, say something stupid, and choke on a pretzel. Appears to no longer be for sale but there are still some photos of it.

Bush? Or a Chimpanzee?


JibJab now seems to be an e-card business but it started out with great political humor. It was home to such videos as "This Land" and "Good to Be in D.C.". A lot is archived on Youtube now, search for JibJab and Bush to find it.

The New Florida Electronic Voting Machine!

On a less humurous note Bush appears to have had one of the lower IQ's for a US President: Bush Intelligence Quotient - Lowest in Fifty Years. (It should be noted, however, that history has not shown all of the best or worst presidents to have the highest or lowest IQ's.)

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