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These are trips which I organize but generally do not guide on. Guiding is potentially available if it is requested in advance, but it is not included in the organization and cost of the basic trip. These are trips which involve significant logistics which most people could not easily organize, or get a good cost on, without having an adequate group size and spending significant time planning. In the case of winter hut trips there is also a large financial commitment. Both summer and winter trips make use of an accumulated cache of group gear that would cost quite a bit to purchase from scratch for one trip alone. For me these trips are pretty much a climbing or skiing vacation in return for the planning and logistics (which are typically extensive) and managing the financial commitments.

I can also provide your group with planning, organizing, logistical assistance and guiding arrangements as a service. See my Guiding webpages.


"Again, I can't thank you enough for doing such an excellent job of planning and leading the trip. It was one of the best weeks of my life, and you deserve enormous credit for doing everything the way you did."

"I very much enjoyed our trip to the Selkirk mountains, which for me would have never been possible without your preparation and organization. I would like to thank you very much for your excellent work. I hope that you will come to the Alps one day, so that I can pay back at least part of it."

"The special combination of climbing in the Selkirks and getting to know each of you made this trip one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences of my life. Where else could one experience the exhilaration of climbing, the stimulation of amusing conversations on topics from theoretical physics to politics, and the stillness of undisturbed meditation? As I expressed on several occasions that I could remain in the Battle Range for weeks more, having now returned to this office, I appreciate even more the magnitude and beauty of those mountains and how blessed we were to have experienced them. Looking back, the time seems to be consumed in a bright flash compared to the exhaustingly slow pace of day-to-day reality (work). Rather than submerge myself into this mundane existence, I will instead relive each wonderful moment and focus on the details of my next trip."

General Information Common to All Trips:

Past Trips:

  • Fairy Meadows, April 2005

    The third trip to this world-renown location. The middle of April worked very well with long days and generally good weather. By now we've got this down right and had the entire hut for our group of 18 excellent people plus myself and a great cook. Hands down the best trip yet, even though all have been good (and some hard to beat).

  • Fairy Meadows, April 2002

    The second trip to this world-renown location. The first week in April is later than the previous few winters trips which allowed for longer days and a higher percentage of clear days. We skied many classic routes. The entire group summited Pioneer Peak, a few continued on to Sentinel the same day. A party of two skied the high route to Great Cairn on Thursday and were picked up there during the flights out.

  • Battle Range, July-August 2001

    A week of climbing/hiking from a base camp with a helicopter flight in and out. A very remote and spectacular area with very high peaks sharply cut by very deep valleys.

  • Blanket Glacier, Mar 2001

    Excellent backcountry skiing with many options in the trees, which was good given the typically cloudy March conditions. Despite the low snow year the base was over 2 meters and we got 10-20 cm each night, for a total of about 1 meter during the week.

  • Great Cairn, Mar 2000

    This was to be a trip to the Grassi hut but weather prohibited that, so we took Alpine Helicopters up on their good deal getting us to Great Cairn. Despite mixed weather and the change of plans we had plenty of adventure.

  • Great Cairn Hut, July 1999

    Mountaineering in the heart of the Selkirk Mountains. We helicoptered in but hiked out via Fairy Meadows, a "big day" as they say and quite the adventure.

  • Fairy Meadows, March 1999

    Backcountry skiing in the Selkirks at a classic destination. This trip was fully catered and everyone had a blast. The weather precluded doing the classic tours and ski ascents but the snow conditions around the hut and below friendship col provided excellent skiing.

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