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This section is always under a great deal of revision and improvement. These photos span adventures which were for my own recreation as well as guided climbs.

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New Photo Gallery

Sometime before June 2007 I installed my own personal copy of the open source "Gallery 2" program on my server. I've been tending to upload now photos there rather than the previous Realtime section in the next link. The plan is still to ultimately archive the best photos by year but I'm way behind on this in the Realtime section, let alone the new Gallery 2 installation.

"Realtime" Photos

The most recent photos. Generally unsorted and not retouched to any great extent - straight from the digital camera, the scanner, or the developers CD.

Special Collections - Larger Trips, Particular events or people, etc

Photos from the Kingston, Nevada area

Photos of the town and the area around it, primarily the Toiyabe Mountain range.

Photos from Galteur, Austria

Photos of the town following the major European avalanche cycle of 1999. A lot of attention was focused on Galteur when 31 people died inside homes on February 23 (which also happens to be my birthday!). A day or two later 7 people were killed in Valzur down the valley. There is now an avalanche dam serving as a conference/community/exhibit center as well. Here are some photos of the Alpinarium, the town with the empty space remaining, some local defense structures, and some memorials in town and in the mountains.

Photos from Austria

Some digital photos from a couple trips to Austria. In 2000 I was participating in the International Glaciology Society conference on avalanches. I summitted the Zuckerhutl and the Wildspitze (Austrias 2nd highest peak). I also took the Nordkettebahn from Innsbruck up to the top and skied/hiked out to another village through the Karwindel Alps. In the fall of 2002 on a personal trip I went back to the Zuckerhutl area but did no ascents, and I also went to a few other mountain ranges further east (in or near Saltzberg Province).

The "Diamond Peak Ski Chalet"

During the winter of 2000-2001 my old VW bus served as a backcountry ski chalet near Diamond Peak. Here are a few photos along with an overview and a note on what happened to it in the end (which is not entirely known).

Organized Trips

About twice per year I organize a major backcountry skiing or mountaineering trip in western Canada. We usually fly in and out via helicopter and spend a week. Each trip ends up with its own photo gallery, although these are typically not complete for 6 months to a year.

Archived "Realtime" Photos


Twenty one photos from five trips: Albion Mountains ID (3), Central Nevada and a small memorial I left for a friend who had just passed away (3), skiing near Three Fingered Jack and Tam McArthur Rim in Oregon (3 each), and a climb I guided on Mt Adams (6).


Eighteen Photos from six trips: Franconia Notch NH and the Adirondacks in NY (3 each), the US Army avalanche class near Hatcher Pass AK (3), Rogers Pass BC in spring (3), a ski tour in Davos CH following a warning service meeting (3), and Three Fingered Jack in OR (3). Also a sub-gallery turned trip report from skiing in the Silvretta Alps, and two galleries from the Spring Mountains near Las Vegas NV showing damages from a major avalanche cycle taken in winter and then summer. (These last two from NV remain unsorted at this time.)


Twenty eight photos from seven trips: Diamond Peak (9, 2 trips), Tumalo Mountain (3), South Sister (4), Middle Sister (6), Hildesheimer Hut Austria (3), Tetons (3). Also one sub-gallery of teaching and skiing in Alaska and two sub-galleries turned trip reports from skiing in the Stubai Alps, Part 1 and Part 2


Eighteen photos from five trips: Valdez (6), North Sister (3), South Sister (3), Broken Top (3), "The Tooth" (3). Also one sub-gallery of climbing in Rogers Pass in August. After August the digital camera was broken :(


Thirty three photos from nine trips, plus a sub-gallery of the Thunderbird Lodge on Lake Tahoe and another of an Alpine Club of Canada Ice Climbing Camp


Thirty photos from eight trips, plus two sub-galleries with Smith Rock photos and many trips with Kerry McPhail.


Eight photos: Skiing Tumalo Mountain (2), Sandy Glacier Headwall attempt and rockfall incident (2), Three Fingered Jack (2), Diamond Peak summit ski (2)


Ten photos: Mt Hoods Reid Glacier Headwall (1), Skiing South Sister (2), Class on Mt Hoods Eliot Glacier (2), Climbing on Mt Washington (2), Skiing in Rogers Pass BC (1)

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