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Small Archive of Climbing Humor

Morbid Eiger History (saved from rec.climbing re: historic deaths on the Eiger)

A news story in which I was featured appeared in the Eugene, OR Register-Guard

As of August 1998, a photo taken by Tuan on our ascent of The Weeping Wall is being used by Soundprint on the web to promote the audio tape Beyond the Climb.

Quang-Tuan Luong (Tuan), with whom I climbed the Weeping Wall and Polar Circus, participated in the fourth ascent of "Sea of Vapor", a WI 7 route in the Canadian Rockies. His report and a more general report by Wayne Trzyna are available on Tuan's "Cold Mountain" page.

Here are some of my favorite quotes about or related to climbing and a really nice poem which I picked up from one of the newsgroups a long time ago. And a Skiers Prayer by a priest in Verbier, France.

Some interesting historical stuff on the Vaux Family and the "Canadian Alps".

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