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Here is some climbing humor. Keep in mind that climbers often have a bawdy sense of humor so if you are easily offended you might want to return to my main climbing page now! You may also want to give up climbing. And you definitely won't want to follow rec.climbing which is where many of these things came from. (Back in the days of USENET newsgroups, when the internet was a lot more fun!)

The Holy Grail

A rec.climbing version of the Monty Python classic

National Park Service Humor

Things which actually happened in National Parks, and questions which were actually asked.

Statistical Mechanics

A physics explanation for the differences between traditional and sport climbers.

Why climbing is better than sex

Both the men's and the women's point of view.

How climbers urinate

It all depends on which type of climber they are.

The Mountain Guide Jokes page

Their motto is "Any Bad Joke Published" and they live up to it!

The jokes page keeps moving, and the link is always going bad. I should post them myself but for the time being here are a few options that are working as of October 2018:

Mountain Project Forum thread


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