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These are some of the climbs I've done. There are many more, of course, but these are the only ones I've had time to post reports/photos from.

Most of these links, but especially the oldest ones, predating the modern era of easier internet use and photo posting. There was no instagram, or facebook, or even Google when the first reports were prepared.

  • In June of 1997, while in France, I climbed the Mallory Couloir on the Aiguille du Midi (Mt Blanc massif) with Bill Dean.
  • In August of 1996 I went into the Wind River Range of Wyoming on a trip organized by Kyle Williams. Kyle and I climbed the Mount Helen Ice Couloir (with another climber, Brooke) and the NW Arete of Ellingwood Peak.
  • In August of 1995 I soloed the NW Arete of Mt Sir Donald, which is by Rogers Pass in the Selkirk range of British Colombia.
  • In March of 1994 I climbed Polar Circus (IV, WI-5) and the Weeping Wall (III, WI-4) in the Canadian Rockies. Slides, a report is available from my partners web site - Tuan's Mountaineering Page. On Polar Circus we had a large avalanche from a gully above go by. Tuan was securely anchored to bolts at the top of the route and was hit by the snow. I was on steep ice below and watched it go overhead.
  • In March of 1993 I soloed the North Ridge of the Pfeifferhorn, in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.

The trips below are from more recent years than those above and have been copied over from the "Realtime" photos section after the year in which they took place:

I have been organizing ski and climbing trips over the past couple years, and each trip has it's own full set of pages with reports and photos. Information on all these trips is available from the Organized Trips page.

My webpages are always under development, although often slowly due to too many other things to do. The Realtime section of the Photo Gallery is updated most often (or, these days, the Gallery), and there are sometimes Organized Trips with photos and reports eventually being posted afterwards.

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