July 12, 2009

More on Employment

Here's another comic I couldn't resist. (Link to Previous One)

I've never understood how people can give up 50 weeks a year, out of 52, to work in an office or cubicle. Money, I guess. I do miss that so I can understand the appeal. But really, 2 weeks to yourself?

I also have always had a problem with the hour-orientation of the typical workplace. There's one forum I follow that's skiing related and very active. But the majority of posts are entirely unrelated, and are made during working hours. Just people stuck in an office without enough to do, but they can't leave and go skiing either.

Surveys have shown repeatedly that companies would do better to offer more flexibility and vacation than more money. It's what many employees prefer. (A majority in the surveys). But instead they offer more money as if it's the only thing they can imagine being a motivator.

A friend was interviewing for a new engineering job once. As part of his negotiation he asked for the ability to take more time off than the standard allowance, even if it was unpaid. After all, engineers make plenty and he was single. He said the interviewing manager looked at him with a dropped jaw, as if he was amazed anyone would ask for unpaid time! (In the end he did get the job, and the time he wanted.)
Posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago on July 12, 2009
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